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January 2015

iPhone 6 Repair & Screen Replacement

iPhone 6 Repair Shatter Buggy is pleased to announce we have officially launched our iPhone 6 mobile repair service! If you’ve been living with a shattered iPhone 6 screen because you’re unsure of where to go, or what to do, Shatter Buggy is here to help! Remember, Shatter Buggy is the mobile iPhone repair service …
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Attack of the Drones

Technology has been rapidly advancing in fields that were previously inaccessible to consumers. Specifically, fields like 3D printing, consumer drones and virtual reality. The advancement of the aforementioned technologies is largely due to the decreased price of integral components necessary to create these advanced devices. Largely, we have our smartphones to thank for this. The …
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Apple HomeKit at CES 2015

In 2014, as home automation became more prevalent, it subsequently became more inconvenient. If you have a Nest thermostat, a connected Craftsman garage door and Phillips Hue lightbulbs, you must control each of them from their own respective apps. At WWDC 2014 Apple announced HomeKit, a way to unify home automation apps and devices under …
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Apple CarPlay

As CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) 2015 wraps up we’re left salivating at the tech that the future holds. Between HealthKit, HomeKit and CarPlay, there is a lot of Apple related news to discuss. This week I’ll focus on the CarPlay side of CES 2015. What is CarPlay? CarPlay is Apple’s solution to integrated iPhone …
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The Top 5 Apps of 2014

Now that the holidays are winding down it’s time to start thinking about which apps to spend those coveted post holiday iTunes gift cards on. In order to assist in your spending, I thought I would share my top 5 most used and favorite apps to drop some gift card money on. Clear First up …
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