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May 2015

Shatter-proof Your Phone with Tempered Glass!

After repairing their device, many satisfied Shatter Buggy customers have asked me, “what’s the best case to prevent cracks?” Cases are definitely helpful, and the merits of a good case are detailed here. But if you’re really about protection, a screen protector/case combo will provide the most protection possible. Sadly even with the best case/screen …
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WWDC 2015 Rumor Round-Up

WWDC 2015 Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is next month, which means big announcements from Apple. Historically, Apple has always announced the latest iterations of both iOS and OS X, including features and previews. Naturally, we expect this year to be no different with iOS 9 and OS 10.11. Apple has also been known to …
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Tesla Energy – POWERWALL

POWERWALL A few weeks ago Elon Musk and Tesla announced Tesla Energy and the Powerwall. The Powerwall is Tesla’s attempt at bridging the gap between solar efficiencies and the power grid’s shortcomings, creating a sustainable and ecological power solution. We here at Shatter Buggy are all about ecology and as such, we were very excited …
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