Apple Watch App Round-Up

The Apple Watch release is just around the corner, and to celebrate Shatter Buggy brings you the best third party Apple Watch apps that are available right now!

Yelp for Apple Watch

yelp Apple Watch iWatch App

Admittedly, I am a heavy Yelp user. Yelp has it’s pros and cons, but in general, it’s a great tool for finding exactly what you’re looking for in a restaurant, coffee shop, or iPhone repair business. Similar to the Yelp app for iOS, with Yelp on Apple Watch you’re able to search for restaurants/bars/etc., read associated reviews, check hours of operation, check ratings and get distance/proximity information. We’ve reached out to yelp to see if the ability to check-in at businesses is baked in or not. As of now the answer is unclear. The ability to check-in and perform associated tasks from the convenience of your wrist would be a welcomed feature, that Yelp hopefully took into consideration.

1Password on your Wrist!? Thanks Apple Watch!

1password Apple Watch iWatch Apps

1Password is an incredibly useful app that has simplified and secured my digital life in many ways. It was featured in our “Top 5 Apps of 2014” blog post a few months back, and rightfully so. 1Password creates and remembers unique passwords that can be autofilled into logins in the 1Password browser, safari, or chrome on iOS, OS X, Windows, Android… you get the idea. Now with 1Password for Apple Watch you can access your credit card info, one-time passwords and more, right from your wrist! The picture Agile Bits paints is walking up to your locker, only to forget the combination. Naturally, 1Password on Apple Watch quickly and conveniently pulls up the combo and you’re on your merry way.

IF and DO (formerly IFTTT) Enters the iWatch App Scene

IFTTT (if this, then that) was rebranded as IF a while back. The utility remains the same, however. IF allows users to automate a number of functions of their iPhone. For example, with IF you can automatically send out a tweet that says “Happy New Year!” at midnight of the new year. Besides, you’ll hopefully be too busy at that time to be tweeting. A new branch of IF is DO, which is specific to automation tasks. With DO, you can set your Nest thermostat, or turn off your Hue lightbulbs with a single button press. It is this ‘DO’ functionality that comes to the Apple Watch. All of your ‘DO’ commands will be available at your wrist. With DO, in a true futuristic fashion, you can control your smart home without the taxing act of prying your iPhone from your pocket.

IFTTT IF DO Apple Watch iWatch

Undoubtedly, more amazing Apple Watch apps are just around the corner with the big launch happening this Friday, April 24. Look forward to Shatter Buggy’s review of Apple Watch.

Now if only there were an Apple Watch app where a Shatter Buggy technician could arrive at your location with the press of a button… hmmm…


-Shatter Buggy, Denver