Charging Dock Repair – For FREE!

Fix Your iPhone’s Charging Dock for Free!

For today’s post Matt was kind enough to take some time out of his day and address an issue we see quite often at Shatter Buggy. If you’re experiencing charging dock issues with your device, nine times out of ten it is a simple and most importantly, FREE fix that you can even do yourself. But if worse comes to worse Shatter Buggy can really dig in and repair whatever charging woes you have.

The Charging Dock can be a particularly difficult repair to diagnose. Oftentimes the culprit is lint, which Matt goes over in his video. To prevent lint-induced-charge-killer, or LICK, simply store your iPhone upside down in your pocket, with the charging port facing upwards. This prevents most, if not all lint build up within the ports. If lint is not the issue at hand, try different charging cables, wall connectors, and outlets. Still no luck? It may be the charging dock itself, or the battery. For these, it’s best to have a professional from Shatter Buggy repair it for you.


charging dock repair