What did they do to my device?

incompetentDoes experience matter?

One thing that sets us apart from our competition is the concept of expertise and competence. We believe that we owe it to our customers to be experts and highly competent with every repair we offer. Unlike many of our competitors, we choose not to offer every conceivable repair under the sun for every electronic device ever created. That formula almost always results in a subpar repair every time.

Imagine if you were a technician charged with being an expert on 200 different devices each with 30 different repairs. That would amount to 6000 techniques for one technician. Even if your prodigy of a technician was trained on all of these techniques and had guides “on hand” to assist during the repair, he or she would still be highly inexperienced with said repair because they likely had never performed the actual repair.

At Shatter Buggy we choose to create repair techniques for the most prevalent damage on the most ubiquitous devices. Once a repair technique is created at our school house, only then are our technicians trained to an expert level both at our training facility and with an instructor during actual customer repairs. Each technician is then tested again for their expertise and proficiency  before solo repairs are authorized.

Nearly every day we repair devices that were previously repaired by so called “experts” wherein the device was actually harmed or content destroyed. Craig’s List is a great tool and one all of us around these parts use regularly.  That said, I am not certain shopping for a discount technician on Craig’s List is wise or cost effective. Shatter Buggy is the worlds most convenient repair option (a claim we stand behind 100%) and when combined with our low cost, expertise, and experience there really is no better solution.

Shatter Buggy, it really is that simple!