Device Repair – The Value of a Device

We here at Shatter Buggy believe in letting a device live to it’s fullest potential. We accomplish this through device repair. This is a trend that is unfortunately contrary to what people have been taught to do. We are led to believe that a smartphone and a tablet, to a lesser extent, are meant to last approximately one year.

The Upgrade Cycle

Companies are expected to come up with something new and amazing every year. This forces a trend of incremental upgrades which immediately devalues the previous generation of the device. This can be said about the current 6 series of iPhones. The iPhone 5S is an amazing and extremely capable device. Personally, it wasn’t until I got an iPhone 6 Plus that I felt the 5S was ‘older’ or not as ‘good’. When I really think about it, in actuality, I would be perfectly happy with the 5S, or the 5, or even the 4S, a Shatter Buggy favourite.

iPhone Subsidies

Yearly upgrade cycles automatically devalue the previous generation, but, carriers are to blame as well. Carrier subsidies seem like a good deal, but in reality they are not. When you subsidize a device you feel like you’re getting a phone for $200. Really, you’re not only paying full price for the phone, you are also locked into a service contract. Each month you pay for your service, there is also a portion which is the cost of your phone split up amongst the 24 month term. You’ve essentially put $200 down, and now you’re paying off the rest of the device over those 24 months, which in most cases, means you’re paying more than you would if you had bought the device outright. This is also why there is an early termination fee for contracts. Companies must recoup the difference of the cost of the device once you’ve decided to stop paying for it.

The Cost of an Unlocked iPhone

An iPhone is $600.00 or more off contract. Say you subsidized this and paid $200 and then signed up for a 24 month service contract. A few months in you decide to cancel said contract. Your early termination fee is probably more than $400. This makes up the cost of the device you’ve yet to pay. To make matters worse if you don’t cancel, in 24 months, after you’ve assuredly paid off the device, your monthly service charge does not go down in most cases.

Subsidies not only force you into a contract, they force you to pay more for a device than you should. On top of that, they make you feel like the phone is only worth $200, because that is the most noticeable payment, when in fact this is a $600+ device.

A yearly upgrade cycle and the forced perception that a device is worth 1/3 of it’s actual value create a vicious cycle of upgrading your device, and figuring out how to get rid of that old device, usually by selling it or trading it in.

iPhone 6 Repair

Shatter Buggy is Here to Help via Device Repair

Ever since the 4-series, iPhones have been extremely speedy and capable computers that put the world’s cumulative knowledge at our fingertips. In fact the iPhone 4S is one of our favorite devices here at Shatter Buggy. We continue to repair the 4-series of iPhones because of their longevity and utility. They are still immensely useful in this quickly evolving technological world. Much more useful than they would be as recycled parts or worse-in a landfill.

Enlist the aid of Shatter Buggy and let your device live to it’s fullest potential.


-Shatter Buggy, Denver