Easy DIY iPhone Upgrade

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Let’s say you’re ecological or frugal and you do not want to throw away that aging device. However, the battery is dying too fast, or the storage can’t hold anymore pictures due to ever increasing file sizes. You don’t want to splurge on a new device or renew that contract. What is one to do? There are quite a few easy upgrades that one can perform on their own in order to extend the life of their device.

iphone battery case

iPhone Battery Case

Let’s start with the good ol’ iPhone. I did an extensive blog post on iPhone batteries and battery replacement here: (http://shatterbuggy.com/get-juiced-iphone-battery-replacement/). However, if simply replacing a battery doesn’t juice you up enough, there are quite a few battery bricks and cases out there that can keep you wired all day long. As far as battery cases go, WireCutter recommends the Lenmar Meridian for the 5 series of iPhone. The Lenmar is very thin and light. It will charge your battery quickly and essentially double your battery life for a reasonable price.

iPhone Battery Brick

If you don’t like the added bulk of a battery case you can try a portable battery brick. (picture of a red brick) Our fiends at WireCutter come to the rescue with their extensive testing once again. The recommendation is the LimeFuel Blast L60X (the X at the end means it’s really good). Personally, I find a brick to be much more convenient and advantageous when compared to a case. A brick charges via usb, so it is not limited to iPhones only. You can charge cameras, tablets, android devices, portable game consoles or anything that is able to charge via USB. The LimeFuel is lightweight, sturdy and packs an energy wallop. This little brick is able to charge an iPhone 5S to 100% 2.5 times in one charge of its own. An affordable, powerful and reasonable upgrade to your device battery repertoire.

expand iphone storage

Expanding iPhone Storage Capacity

Can’t take a picture due to full storage? Never again! Upgrading your iPhone’s physical memory is impossible. Expanding your current memory banks, however, is now an easy endeavor. You can now purchase cases such as the Mophie Space Pack to add storage to your device. At $180, it’s a bit pricey. But doubling your iPhone’s capacity boils down to cloud solutions which require internet access, a case such as the Mophie, or buying a new phone. A case will save you the cost and hassle of purchasing a new iDevice.

MacBook Upgrade

Is that old MacBook Pro starting to slow down a bit? A common misconception is that upgrading your RAM will super charge your computer. Unless you’re running Photoshop constantly or editing video, a RAM upgrade probably won’t do you too much good. 8GB is more than enough. Really. Recently, solid state storage has come down enough in price to be a viable option. Solid state drives can provide a significant speed boost to an aging computer, and if you gut your Mac’s disk drive, you can not only increase speed, but storage as well.

DIY fusion drive

My aging 2008 MacBook Pro still runs like a champ. I had upgraded the hard drive to a SSD and gutted the disk drive where I added my old HDD. With some clever Terminal trickery you can make the computer think there is a Fusion Drive in the device. Macworld does an excellent tutorial to accomplish this. The whole procedure results in a practically new computer. In general though, a SSD alone makes a older computer like new.

Upgrade + Repair = Savings!

If you’re not ready to purchase a new device or have become attached to your current one, you can perform said upgrades with relative ease and have essentially a brand new device. After getting comfortable with upgrading your hardware you may even become comfortable enough to try repair. Or you could always just leave it to the expert technicians at Shatter Buggy!


-Shatter Buggy, Denver