Get Juiced – Keeping Your Battery Charged

iPhone Battery Replacement

Here at Shatter Buggy we let devices to live to their fullest potential via repair. Because a phone is shattered does not mean it has lost it’s value or worth. A new screen provided via Shatter Buggy infuses the device with new life and new purpose. Sometimes, however, the problem isn’t screen deep, so to speak. A ‘dying’ battery could be dragging your phone down. Spontaneously powering down, draining very quickly and expelling a lot of heat are all signs you may be in need of a new battery. Shatter Buggy can help!

Battery Life

Batteries, much like everything else in existence, have life cycles. Much like the human life cycle, good habits can improve the longevity of your battery. Conversely, bad habits will degrade said longevity.

lithium ion iphone battery

iPhone Battery Tips

Here are a few healthy habits for your iPhone’s lithium ion life.

    It has been said that letting your battery completely drain and then recharging it to 100% is the best way to keep your battery in-shape. This is true, but applies only to nickel based batteries. iPhones use Lithium batteries so the procedure is a bit different.

  • Lithium ion batteries will last longer if they are kept consistently above 50% charge.
  • 40%-80% is the most desirable range for a charge
  • Lithium batteries should be completely discharged occasionally, but not often. Approximately once a month.
  • Try to charge up before you’re “in the red”.

iPhone battery life charge

  • Avoid ‘uncomfortable’ temperatures. Batteries will lose some of their charge holding abilities in temperatures that are too cold or too hot.
  • A cool 60° will keep your battery in prime shape.
  • If your battery is getting too hot while charging, take off the case, or try and place the phone somewhere cool.

    This is also a sign you’re battery might be on it’s last legs!

It’s important to keep in mind that every time you charge your phone, the battery loses about 45 seconds of charge. This means that after so many charges, usually hundreds, a battery will eventually only hold a charge for a short amount of time. It takes the average user about 10-12 months before their battery is noticeably unable to perform up to par.

iPhone Battery Lifespan

Battery Recycling

It’s a good idea to have your battery replaced by a professional such as a Shatter Buggy technician. Not only are Lithium ion batteries dangerous, they are also fragile and easily catch fire. Plus the batteries are very toxic, and unless recycled properly, wreak havoc on the environment. Shatter Buggy recycles everything we get our hands on. Including the old batteries we take when we install your replacement. Lithium ion battery recycling is a fairly new procedure, but a necessary one if we are to protect our environment.

iPhone Trivia

Do you know how much it costs to charge an iPhone? After all, most of us charge our devices every night. An average of 7 hours a night sucking energy out of the wall adds up quickly in a year.

The new iPhone 6 costs $0.47 a year to charge. The larger battery in it’s counterpart, the iPhone 6 Plus costs $0.52 a year to charge. A minuscule cost at best. But what about ALL of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ for one year? Blogging site Opower estimates 10 million iPhone 6’s would consume less than half a days energy required to power all of Nebraska.

Efficient little things, aren’t they?


-Shatter Buggy, Denver