I’ll take the case!

DanielDaniel is an Assistant Manager and Technician with Shatter Buggy as well as a Biochemistry major at C.U. Boulder. This man eats, breathes and daydreams all things Apple which made bringing him on as a blog contributor an obvious decision. Today he will be discussing wrapping that beautiful new iPhone 6 in the correct case. If you appreciate what he has to say keep an eye on our blog, there will be more to come.

So you just had your broken screen replaced by Shatter Buggy, or perhaps you’ve invested in a shiny new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus. Decidedly, you choose to protect your newfound investment with a case. This of the utmost importance when maintaining the device’s warranty and general longevity.

But, with so many different options out there, how is one to divine the best choice? The iPhone case industry alone made over a billion dollars last year, with this year shaping up to make even more. Especially since the iPhone 6s’ both feature a new body, which requires you to buy a new case that fits.

bevelThe two iPhone 6s’ have more exposed glass than any iPhone before. Not only due to surface area, but additionally due to design. Apple says, “The cover glass curves down around the sides to meet the anodized aluminum enclosure in a remarkable, simplified design. There are no distinct edges. No gaps. Just a smooth, seamless bond of metal and glass that feels like one continuous surface.” While the phone is elegant, it leaves a lot of exposed glass on the front and sides of the device. The back is not safe from scrutiny either, with the new camera actually protruding from the device. This means if you set your phone face up on a surface, the camera is going to act as a kick stand for the phone, putting all the weight on the bottom of the phone and the lens. The sapphire lens is very scratch resistant, but not 100% so. We’ve established why a case is a good idea, for either of the new iPhones specifically, but how do we know which case to choose?

The important aspects of a case, in general, are that the corners of the phone are covered not only on the sides, but also on the front and back of the device. Having a protective “buffer” in the form of a lip that adds some clearance between the device and whatever surface it may encounter is a must as well, both front and back. Also, ensure that this is true with the iPhone 6 camera as well. You don’t want the lens to impact a surface if the phone falls directly on its back, or just from generally setting your phone face up. As an example a ‘bumper’ style case meets all of these criteria.iphone-6-neo-hybrid-spigen

Whatever case you decide on, remember no case will protect your phone 100% of the time.
The big issue at hand is once the phone is dropped from any height, it’s integrity has most likely been compromised. The more often the phone is dropped, the greater it’s chances of shattering the next time. Luckily for most, drops are accidents and occur very infrequently. Because of this, it is important to choose a case that suits your lifestyle. You’re going to be USING the case everyday, therefore, it should be one you like. The case will be protecting your device from a drop, hopefully not that often.

Keep in mind, not everyone needs a Lifeproof or Otterbox style case. These cases are for the most extreme conditions and in general are not needed for everyday use. They also take away from the device’s aesthetics and thinness. Though if you’re the hiking/rafting/cycling type, where your phone is put in jeopardy by your activity, you’ll be glad you have such an extreme case. For most, simply picking a case you enjoy that meets the aforementioned rules and serves your needs will do just fine.

Some examples of unique cases for our unique customers include:

Still a child at heart?

  • Belkin’s LEGO case which allows you to build with LEGO using your phone as the base.
  • The Erase Case let’s you draw whatever you feel, erase and draw something new when you
    inevitably change your mind. Think temporary tattoos for iPhones.
  • How about an edible chocolate iPhone case?
  • Not a fan of chocolate? Scratch and sniff cases are available in many scents.

Are you a Youtube/movie fan?

  • A case with a built-in stand would be a good pick.


  • A bumper case will do.
  • Perhaps a wallet style case, to keep all of your important eggs in one basket is preferred.

Need to use your phone in the shower?

  • Try a waterproof case
  • …or a ziplock bag… (seriously, it works)((Shatter Buggy is not responsible for water damage))

Feeling ecological?

  • A wood case from Grovemade made with renewable, sustainable materials is up your alley.
  • There are also plenty of options made from recycled plastics as well.

Running out? Filling up?

  • A case with a built in battery will keep you juiced all day.
  • Additionally, Mophie make’s cases with extra storage for adding gigs to your device.

Still unsure?

Shatter Buggy has teamed up with Spigen and offers their thin, minimalist and protective cases.neo-hybrid Available in several colors for that personal flair.
Honorary mentions include cases with bottle openers, pepper spray and lighters, a bulletproof case and a case made of solid gold ($118,000).
The bottom line is, not everyone needs a brick encasing their device. Get a case that is still protective but also one you enjoy, because in the end, isn’t that what really matters?