iOS 9 – WWDC 2015

iOS 9

iOS 9:

Apple debuted iOS 9 at WWDC this past month. Largely, the update is based upon stability and performance, with a couple of new interesting features peppered throughout. With the addition of a few new apps and some new functionality, iOS 9 looks to be a solid update to the iOS family.

iOS 9’s New Apps!

iOS 9 new news appIn the past, we’ve all loved when Apple has added more apps that we can’t delete, for us to stuff into our “Apple Crap” folder. Oddly enough, with iOS 9’s new app additions, this may not be the case. Apple’s News app actually looks like a functional news aggregate app. It’s nearly identical to Flipboard, just with Apple flair added. There is a library of news sources you can add to your stream, as well as the ability to add RSS feeds, if your news source isn’t listed. The more you use the news app, the more it gets a feel for your tastes and begins suggesting articles you may enjoy.

The Passbook app has been rebranded as Wallet. Not only are you able to pay with Apple Pay, but you are also able to store rewards cards. Next time you go to Starbucks, whip out Apple Pay, scan your rewards card, and then pay, all in a manner of seconds. Of course, your airline tickets, sporting event passes, etc., will still be available to you.

The Notes app for iOS also receiving a major overhaul. The ability to attach photos, videos, maps, websites, pages documents and more has been baked in. Notes has also gained the ability to create sketches and checklists. Of course, this all syncs to all your devices over iCloud as well.

iPad takes on multitasking

The iPad has gained superpowers; multitasking is finally here! You can now run two apps simultaneously with iOS 9 and iPad, in a plethora of different views. First is Slide Over. Sliding from the side of the screen allows you to open a second app without leaving the app you’re in. This could be used to quickly check messages or twitter, while remaining in the original app. Next is Split View which is only available on iPad Air 2. Split View allows you to run two full screen apps, in landscape, side by side. This way you can research in safari while typing a paper, or email while looking at a document. Lastly, and probably most importantly, is Picture in Picture. Have a video playing in YouTube or HBO Now? Making a FaceTime call? Minimize that video into the corner, and continue watching while you navigate other apps. This way you can watch a YouTube video on how to make a soufflé, while reading the recipe.

iOS 9 ipad multitasking

Somewhat unrelated to multitasking, but still notable is a new way to select text. Highlighting text on an iDevice has always been somewhat of a pain. Now with iOS 9, you simply place two fingers anywhere on the screen, and a cursor appears. This cursor allows you to quickly and accurately select text.

Other notable changes

iOS 9 android migration

On the whole, iOS 9 is more efficient. Devices should see an approximate battery increase of 1 hour and an overall speed boost in all apps. All of this and more in a 1.3 GB download-only ¼ the size of iOS 8.

Lastly and perhaps most interestingly, Apple has released an iOS Migration app for Android. Now if you’re moving from Android to iOS, you can use the app to wirelessly migrate your contacts, messages, videos, photos, music, bookmarks, emails, calendars, wallpapers and books from your android to your now iPhone.

It would be interesting if it were that easy to move from iOS to Android.


-Shatter Buggy, Denver