iPad Air Repair Arrives in Denver Colorado! – and Comes to Your Door!

Shatter Buggy is Bringing iPad Air Repair to Denver Colorado!

Shatter Buggy is proud to announce that we are introducing iPad Air repair solutions in Denver Colorado. Many of you have been asking for several months if and when we would be offering this repair…well the time has come.

At Shatter Buggy we spend a great deal of time perfecting a repair before launching it to the general public. The iPad Air was no exception. We tested and tested the device through several scenarios and have a workable repair solution for nearly every drop, bounce, and slam. This testing takes its emotional toll on us Apple lovers!

ipad air repair in denver

Price Matters

We also needed the price of the parts to drop from their astronomical height. And although still expensive the price has come down enough for us to start offering the repair without having to make excuses for a price equal to the purchase price of a new device…something we can all agree upon.

Convenience is at the core of what we do…

At Shatter Buggy we take our convenience as seriously as our expertise. That is why we created the exclusive Come to ME service that brings device repair directly to your door via our fleet Smart Cars. Denver, you now have a convenient, cost effective, and expert repair solution for iPad Air repair.

Shatter Buggy, it really is that simple!