To iPad err is human…to get that iPad Air Repair in Minneapolis, divine.

Shatter Buggy has something to say about iPad Air Repair in Minneapolis.

The new iPad Air has been out for a handful of months and people up here in Minneapolis have been asking me if the new model is more durable than the previous versions. There isn’t much information out there so I put on my science guy hat (yes Ben, that one is red and stupid looking too) and weighed two options. I could buy dozens of pricey iPads, break them in a very controlled and precise manner, and come up with some irrefutable data…..or i could look at the internet for five minutes, do some seventh grade math, and get some data that i like to call, “good enough.” I chose the latter.

ipad air repair minneapolis

The iPad Air glass seems to be essentially the same as before and the Air uses aluminum for the frame again, too. While the screen is a slightly different size, the impact effect would be negligible and would take some time to figure out. As it was, I only had ten minutes before Golden Girls came on. The biggest factor -and you probably already know this- is that the iPad Air is crazy light. It weighs just 468 grams, or 1 lb., 0.5 ounces, as opposed to 652 grams, or 1lb. 7 oz, for the iPad 4. That’s a 40% difference! Applying that to awesome screen-obliterating science, it means that if the respective iPads were dropped the same way from a meter high table, (in the home vacuum chamber that I’m assuming you own too) the iPad 4 would hit with a force of 6.4 joules, and the iPad Air would hit with 4.6 joules for a difference of almost 48 percent. Translation: Time to get crazy with the new Air!

 As such, here are some things you can do now and are less** likely to break your new iPad:

* iPad curling (ice shuffleboard for you folks in Denver)

* meat tenderizing

* ninja star throwing practice

* snow tire mounting

* gouging ice fishing holes on Lake Minnetonka

* smashing it after using it as a guitar in a punk rock show

But, sigh, some bad news. Because it’s lighter, the Air is more likely to blow off of things. So now, no more using your iPad:

* as a chimney flue cover

* on your car roof to get better 4G reception

* as an hors d’oeuvres tray at lawn parties

* for photographing the interior of tornado eyes

* as a radio on your deck rail on slightly breezy days (although let’s be realistic, you probably weren’t already doing anything as reckless as that one)

While this analysis may not be definitive about durability, I can say without a doubt, should your iPad Air shatter in some awesomely unique way or by simply falling off the counter, no one can repair your iPad quicker, more expertly, or at a better value (and by more devastatingly handsome technicians) than Shatter Buggy.

-Matt Endress, Shatter Buggy Minneapolis

**99.99% as opposed to 100%