iPad Mini Repair in Minneapolis?

iPad Mini Repair in Minneapolis, yes!

ipad repair minneapolis

Shatter Buggy message thread, secret mountain compound, March 21st, 3:07 A.M.

Ben Head, esteemed CEO: Matt, you weren’t sleeping were you? I think you should write a blog post.

Matt Endress, Minneapolis owner/operator, all around good guy, and sleep enthusiast: Right now? About what?

Why would we talk about iPad Mini Repair in Minneapolis right now?

Ben: Yes, now. About our iPad Mini repair in Minneapolis. People need to know how awesome our service is on these. And it’s the iPad MINI in MINNEAPOLIS. get it? This will be the best thing on the internets ever. Because they both start with MINI! MINIapolis. Hahahahahahahaaa.

Matt: On it! Should I focus on the crazy convenience factor where we not only come to your home or office, but actually fix the whole thing on the spot, in less than an hour? Or should I talk about our highest quality parts? Or the six month warranty? The easy online booking at shatterbuggy.com?

Ben: Sure, that’s fine, all of the above. Just make sure you say MINIapolis a lot. I can’t wait until  we open in AIRizona! or iPaducah, Kentucky, or iPhone 5C-attle!

ipad mini repair minneapolis

Matt: How about iPhone 4rt Worth, Texas or travel back in time to iPhonecia?

Ben: No. Those are horrible. Please take these puns seriously. If there’s anything I’ve learned from years as a pilot, entrepreneur, and father, it’s that puns are the highest form of humor and directly attributable to health, enlightenment, general success. I guarantee you if the President could come up with some good puns, unemployment would cut in half and North Korea would lobby for statehood. Now, lets’s see what you’ve got! They don’t even have to be real puns, just words that sound marginally close.

Matt: Can do. Also, can I borrow the corporate jet to go to Shatter Buggy’s Tahitian retreat this weekend?

Ben: Please don’t mislead the readers that might hypothetically read a transcription of our conversation. We most certainly don’t have a corporate jet. Take the yacht instead.

Matt: Ok, I’ll have something in a minute. Stand by.

Blog submission: March 21, 3:15 A.M. Matt, a former manny (male nanny), holding many iPad Mini screens outside Manny’s in MINIapolis to save you money on repairs.

Nailed it!?

*as much I’d like to hope that there are never any real 3:00 A.M. conversations, Ben and I are both expecting new babies this summer and are likely to be up in the wee hours. Payment is currently accepted in cash, check, or any major credit card, but diapers(unused) may be accepted soon.