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iPad repair Burnsville, MNShatter Buggy iPad Repair in Burnsville, MN

The Twin Cities area is full of wonderful, entertaining surprises and remarkable beauty. There are parks, theatres, sports…and the community of Burnsville has it all. However, when your iPad dies in the middle of your search for adventure, you are likely to feel completely disconnected from the world and uninterested in exploration. Whether it is a broken screen on your device or something as simple as a dead battery, you may not be in the mood to experience this great Minnesota community. At ShatterBuggy, we are ready to get your Apple device, from iPads to iPhones repaired and your world connection restored. Even in Burnsville.

We Can Fix That iPad!

Not only can we repair your broken device, we can do it conveniently. Here is how to summon a ShatterBuggy repair technician.

  • Log on to our website: www.ShatterBuggy.com
  • Click the “Come to Me” button.
  • Make an appointment. When we say ‘appointment’, we do not mean some nebulous “time frame” like some other repair technicians do. We mean, you tell us when you want us, and we will arrange to be WHEREVER YOU ARE…to pick up your device.
  • While you are waiting, back up your data and be sure your iPad is fully charged.
  • Once we have assessed the situation and taken your device to our facility for repairs, we will arrange to meet you again. This time, to return your device. How easy is that?

The iPad Fix That Comes with a Promise

Every ShatterBuggy repair comes with an unconditional 6-month warrantee on parts and service. We know that your device connects you with the world, work, play, and, yes…entertainment options in Burnsville. We also understand that downtime is irritating and inconvenient. For that reason, we strive to make repairs quick and painless.

ShatterBuggy in Burnsville – Let Us Un-Create Your iPad Problem

Phone: 612.399.9039

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.