iPad Repair Denver

iPad Repair for Denver Colorado – Now One Price!

Shatter Buggy is excited to announce one single low price for iPad repair Denver and our other service areas! This will streamline our operations but more importantly will give the end user (you) much better pricing on the latest models. For instance, our latest sale has iPads 2/3/4 all at $129.99 plus our Come to ME fee of $9.99. When you combine this pricing with our exclusive Come to ME on-demand service, there is no better option in Denver…or anywhere!iPad Repair Denver

The new pricing affects the iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4. Just in case you are wondering, the price of the iPad 2 did not go up but rather the price of the iPad 3/4 went down to the price of the iPad 2.

Many of us have been exactly where you are…wake up happy and enjoying a cup of coffee when suddenly you drop your iPad… Sh#%! With Shatter Buggy that crack will be a thing of the past and you will have to do nothing more than go to www.ShatterBuggy.com. In minutes, a Shatter Buggy technician could be en route to you and your ailing device, ready to get it, and you, back on you feet. The best part now is that you need not worry if you have the latest version as pricing is the same across the board.

Shatter Buggy…it really is that simple!