iPhone 6 Rumors & Release Date

We at Shatter Buggy would like believe that provide the best  iPhone repair Denver has ever seen…while that may be true, it is not our style.  Rather we want to talk iPhone 6 rumors.

iPhone 5S or 6?

I suppose the logical way to begin this discussion is to just put it our there… iPhone 5S or iPhone 6?  If we were talking stocks and bonds we would hear the familiar disclaimer- “past performance is no guarantee of future success”.  Considering that iPhones have only been available for a little over five years it is really just a guess as to whether or not we will have the intermediate step to the 6.  The past practice (all two times) would lead us to believe that there will indeed be an iPhone 5S.  I am not so convinced…

Frankly, the iPhone 5 was a disappointing launch.  I am not saying the device is not decent but rather that the hype was so intense that even if it printed money we would have likely all reacted with a collective “meh”.  And in fairness to Apple, they kept their lips tight this time so any speculation and rumors were likely no fault of their own.  The pundits did get it right though we they said it lacked many features that many of us were expecting. Things like wireless charging, biometrics, NFC, and yes, even for some, the holographic keyboard.  Throw in the Apple Maps issue and you are going to start a revolt.

All that combined and you can see where Apple may decide to wash their hands of iPhone 5S and jump straight into the 6 this summer.  Money Morning has a pretty good argument for twice-per-year launches and believe that we will see the iPhone 6 this spring.

So what are we hearing about the iPhone 6 cases?

Techradar says they are hearing rumors about “see through” design that utilize both plastic and metal.  Hmm…sounds like a gimmick to me.

Capabilities of the iPhone 6

Almost certainly the iPhone 6 will come equipped with an A7 quad-core rather than the A6 dual-core.  Apple has taken a great deal of heat (insert laughter) for literal heat and lack of efficiency with their A6.  A quad-core would be a sight for sore eyes.

Wireless Charging?

 CP Tech has reported that Apple is well on its way to wireless charging by way of filing for a related patent.

Über fast Wi-Fi

Techradar also weighs in on 802.11ac and states their case for Apple to play the game of leading Wi-Fi rather than following.

We shall see.