iPhone 6S and iPad Pro – What We Know

iPhone 6S

Recently, a new video from Unbox Theory has surfaced detailing the differences between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S’ aluminum shells. When the iPhone 6 initially came out, Apple was victim to the ‘bendgate’ controversy, wherein the media labeled the iPhone 6 as succumbing to bending far too easily. We touched on this phenomena in a blog post last October. As expected the scandal blew over once people realized their phones weren’t bending from normal use and that bending was an extreme case scenario. That being said, as Shatter Buggy has repaired many an iPhone 6 at this point, they do in fact bend after experiencing extreme drops/trauma, which can make repair difficult. Luckily, Unbox Theory has discovered some exciting news.

iPhone 6s iPad pro bendgate

iPhone 6S – Will it Bend?!

The iPhone was most likely composed of 6000 series aluminum. This aluminum is composed of about 98% pure aluminum that is manufactured in a specific way, for durability. The manufacture, of course being an Apple trade secret. What we have come to find is the iPhone 6S’ aluminum frame is made from 7000 series aluminum, the same material the Apple Watch is constructed out of. The 7000 series aluminum is composed of about 93% aluminum and 6% zinc, creating a much stronger material. During testing, the iPhone 6S was about twice as resistant to bending as the original iPhone 6 was. In short, the iPhone 6S will bend, but not nearly as easily as the iPhone 6 did. We here at Shatter Buggy are crossing our fingers that this makes the phone more shatter resistant as well.

Another benefit to the 7000 series aluminum is better anodizing of the metal. Anodizing is what’s responsible for the Space Gray/Slate and Gold colors of Apple’s current product line. Previous iterations of Space Gray/Slate iDevices have very thin coating of the anodized color which can rub off and wear out over time. The anodizing coating on the new 7000 series frame seems to have a much thicker coating, resulting in better color that is less likely to wear.

iPad Pro

It is rumored that a larger ‘iPad Pro’ may make it’s debut later this year. The iPad Pro would be between 12.3” and 12.9” and would come with a a whopping 2732×2048 resolution screen. That’s a 2k display, or twice 1080p HD. If UHD, 4k, and 2k don’t make sense to you, check out our clarifying blog post. The iPad Air 2, Apple’s most recent iPad, boasts a resolution of 2048×1536, which is Retina, but not Retina HD. The new 2732×2048 resolution screen would also not be Retina HD, as it would retain the same 263 PPI density of current Retina iPad displays. The iPad Pro might be unveiled along the iPhone 6S this September, but will most likely receive it’s own event in October.

With rumors are pointing to a more sturdy iPhone 6S and a new larger iPad Pro, one thing is certain, you can be sure Shatter Buggy will repair both devices, so you can rest easy.

iPhone 6s iPad pro bendgate


-Shatter Buggy, Denver