iPhone 7 Leaks

The Inevitable iPhone Leaks

Every year as September draws closer and new iPhone season nears, we can look forward to a plethora of ‘leaks’ in regards to the newest appearance and features of Apple’s next iPhone successor. This year is no exception and many leaks, mostly featuring the phone’s chassis have surfaced. Notably, the iPhone 7 seems to largely resemble the 6 series.

New Features

It sports the same contoured body, with redesigned antenna lines and a tapered camera bulge. The rumor that seems to have everyone up in arms-the loss of the headphone jack, gains traction as the leaked images do not have a headphone jack. While the loss of the headphone jack may seem like a big deal to some, progress is inevitable, and the loss of the 3.5mm hole on the bottom of your iPhone will allow for more space for things such as battery and more speakers. This will also allow the phone to be more waterproof.

The leaked material comes from Chinese social media website Weibo.

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