iPhone 7 Rumors – No Headphone Jack?!

Apple’s iPhone 7 loses the Headphone Jack!

For several months now, reports have been surfacing that state Apple plans on dropping the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7. We go over the benefits/detriments of losing the headphone jack in our latest YouTube video:

More iPhone 7 Rumors

Since we posted our video about the next iPhone, 9to5Mac has produced an excellent report detailing the latest rumors concerning Apple’s newest iPhone. 9to5Mac Reporter @ChanceHMiller states that in addition to dropping the headphone jack, Apple will implement a new noise cancelling technology that it acquired from Wolfson Microelectronics. This tech will be built directly into the phone as well as certain bluetooth or lightning enabled headphones. Additionally the newest iPhone is expected to contain wireless charging tech and a new waterproof deign, which we also cover in our latest video.

As we get closer to September, we will have a clearer picture of what the iPhone 7 will packing. For now, these rumors are quite exciting and the new iPhone seems like it will be quite the smartphone.


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