iPhone recycling? Is it worth it to repair my device?

Repair or replace?

This is a question we are asked often here at Shatter Buggy. Our quick response is always “Of course, this is by far the most cost-effective option.”. The truth is there are many reasons why you should consider repairing your broken device as opposed to replacing it. iPhone recycling by way of repair is good for more than your wallet.

It goes without saying that most of us consider price a top priority when making a purchase. Well, these tiny feature packed electronic devices come at quite a cost…especially out of contract. Take for instance the iPhone 5S, you may believe that because your carrier discounted your phone in exchange for a two-year contract that you are entitled to an endless supply of these devices for $199. Unfortunately, you will likely pay full price for the device after you have cracked the first one. As of today’s date, the least expensive iPhone 5S out of contract is $649 and the top and is $849. More than four times the promotional price! When you compare our solution of repairing the device to replacing it, we are a fraction of the cost. Repairs at Shatter Buggy begin at $39.99 up to $199.99.


Reusing makes sense!

A vote in favor of repairing your device as opposed to replacing it is a vote for our planet. Most of these devices contain heavy metals and non-biodegradable components. When we toss out these devices we are adding more and more to the problem of waste. Recycling devices by way of repairing them keeps hundreds of millions of parts away from landfills. When you use Shatter Buggy to repair your device you’re helping to keep our planet beautiful. Oh, and by the way, have you noticed our signature repair vehicles are the ultra fuel-efficient Smart Cars?

iphone repair removes waiting in long lines

I have to wait how long?

Another significant benefit to repairing your device with Shatter Buggy is simple convenience. At one time or another most of us have had to schedule an appointment online at the Genius Bar. If it is your first time doing so, it looks appealing. You schedule an exact time with the expectation that you will walk straight into the store and your issue will be resolved immediately. Reality is much different. Most of us have battle traffic and search for an illusive parking space only to arrive at our scheduled appointment time and wait an additional 45 minutes in the queue. After all that hassle, we learn that is going to be $269 to replace the glass! And ummm no, we will not transfer your data. With Shatter Buggy you simply go online and select an exact repair time. The technician shows up at that exact time and repairs your device expertly. No driving, no lines, just professional repair at your door!

Shatter Buggy, it really is that simple!