iPhone Repair: A hint of things to things to come…

iPad Repair too.  We are often asked when out in the “field” repairing devices “So, what is next for Apple?”.  A fair question and one that we often wonder ourselves.  I mean, if you think about it, it is very very relevant to our business.  The dirty little secret is that we and most everyone else has no idea.  In fact, a great many of us are amused the months before the “launch” of a new product when otherwise reputable bloggers will give “inside information” on the release that ultimately looks exactly opposite of reality.

So, you might ask, what do you know?  What we do know is that it will likely be breakable.  Not because they are poorly designed or because of planned obsolescence but because we demand devices that are sensitive to our touch and because we do not want them to look like a lead weight.  We want cutting edge features in a slim body.  Don’t get me wrong, these devices do not trade overall durability in order to accommodate these things but rather utilize expensive and sometimes breakable materials to provide us the ultimate user experience.  In fact, you can easily argue that todays devices are of far higher quality than those of – say- just five years ago.

Most of us can likely recall a time not long ago when we used a flip phone for a year or so then simply threw it away as it began to fall apart.  Then things began to change.  Apple approached iPhones with the same design passion that has made them worlds biggest company.  They have created devices that have changed they way other companies create their respective devices.  They designed devices that are capable of being rehabbed because at their core they are -well designed and built.  To state it more clearly- Apple has inadvertently helped the planet by reducing the impact of throw away products.  To be sure, Apple will always want us to buy the latest and greatest product but you can be sure that there are plenty of us out there that will keep our older devices working for a long long time.