iPhone repair experience…

I realize that the title of this blog entry “iPhone repair experience” could perhaps imply two distinctly different things.  On the one hand you might think of the experience that you had while having your iPhone repaired.  On the other hand, you may wonder about the experience your iPhone technician has repairing iPhones.  I would like to discuss both.

Shatter Buggy was created specifically with the customer experience in mind.  We go well beyond simply ensuring that all aspects of the repair are as convenient as possible and focus intently on the quality of the actual repair.  We have a basic tenant of operation here that we term “Doing the right thing…always”.  While most people endeavor to do just that, we are fanatical about it.  We know just how valuable your device is and respect the trust you have placed in us to handle it with expert care.  From the moment you call or email, iRepairDoc goes to the greatest lengths build your trust. We respond promptly, schedule quickly and ultimately repair your device exactly as we say we are going to.  We do not give you a “window” of time for arrival but rather schedule a specific time and honor it.  If we are to be late, which is rare, we phone in advance to alert you.

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced too.  Having been an airline pilot for many years I certainly appreciate training.  High quality training is essential as it sets the foundation for all processes we learn and creates a base for experience to be interpreted.  That said, experience is equally important.  Experience allows a technician to asses many more situations than training could practically produce.  When a technician begins working with iRepairDoc, she will not only be trained to the greatest standards but will also have hundreds of hours of supervised experience before working solo on your device.  You can rest assured that the technician working on your iPhone has your best interest in mind.

Whether regarding your experience with iRepairDoc or the experience of your technician you can expect both to exceed your expectations.  Customer Centric is what we are all about.