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Colorado Technicians

Kyle R.
General Manager 303.900.3823

Kyle has been with Shatter Buggy since day one.  Not only is he capable of taking apart and re-assembling an iPhone while blindfolded, he is a guitar genius.  Left to his own devices, he would likely build his home entirely of used tires.

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Jimmy A.
Device Savant 303-900-3823

2006 Time Magazine's person of the year, very bad poker player, and self proclaimed carbohydrate addict. We have verified the latter two items. Jimmy is right handed and left footed. This fact has a material impact on his ability to repair iDevices.

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Daniel M.
Eco-Repair...er 303-900-3823

Not only will Daniel expertly perform any repair in front of him. He will do so while simultaneously minimizing his carbon footprint and describing the nuanced biological processes involved in metabolizing the rarest herbal adaptogens known to man.

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Jake F.
The Lefty 303-900-3823

As a left-handed golfer that swings right-handed clubs, Jake is used to beating the odds. He brings that same aptitude and tenacity with him into every repair. Take notes as you watch this man remedy your ailing device, it is unlikely you will ever witness such dexterity or mental fortitude again.

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Kyle D.
The Closer 303-900-3823

Internet, meet Kyle D. Earth's best hope to keep devices with plenty of life left in them from going into landfills.  Armed with a lightning fast screwdriver spin and a minor (...ok major) case of  organizational obsessiveness, Kyle is on a crusade to repair this world's broken devices with the utmost integrity and attention to detail. He is also a great pretty good dancer.

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