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Minnesota Technicians

Matt Endress
Owner/Operator Shatter Buggy Minneapolis 612.399.9039

After 3 months of reflection while floating down the Yukon River in Alaska, Matt had an epiphany. He realized his life would be fulfilled if he opened a Shatter Buggy franchise in Minneapolis, MN while simultaneously building a home out of shipping containers. While only 50% fulfilled, Matt Endress is 100% iDevice repair prodigy. You will not be disappointed.

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Rachel R.
The Iron Tech 612.399.9039

What does an expert mobile device technician with a unicorn tattoo and a passionate affinity for He-Man go to school for? Culinary Arts, duh. Rachel may very well be... the most interesting woman in the world.

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Crystal W.
MI6 612.399.9039

As an Army vet and Habitat for Humanity team leader, Crystal knows a thing or three about helping people out. While your broken phone might not quite be a matter of national security, Crystal brings that same level of professionalism (and maybe a few OCD tendencies) to get you squared away.

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