“Mobile” iPhone Repair

“Mobile” iPhone Repair

“Mobile” iPhone repair eh?  I’ll be honest, I have always had an affinity for accents and languages.  The English, of course, really do know how to dress up a language.  Take for instance the word Jaguar (the car or beast), in America we are likely to pronounce it “jag-war”, In the UK it is “Jag-u-er”…subtle but different.  In the iPhone repair world my British colleagues refer to the industry at large as mobile repair, prounounced “mo-bile”.  We in the US say “mo-bull” and generally we mean the same thing, to get around or capable of being moved.  At iRepairDoc, we use the word mobile to let you, yes you, the customer with the ailing mobile iPhone needing repair, know that we do indeed get around.

iRepairDoc is quickly gaining status as the worlds most convenient, professional, and affordable iPhone repair.  This is not because of our accents (we don’t really have any) but largely because we get around.  We believe that your iPhone repair experience should be as painless as possible and why we use our exclusive “Come to ME” service.  You see, with iRepairDoc’s “Come to ME” service we come right to you, whether it be at your home, work, Starbucks, or the race track (watching your favorite Jag-u-er whilst chatting with your mates on your mo-bile…) and perform the iPhone repair on site.

This is a scenario from a typical customer:  1005 a.m. phone drops onto concrete and front glass is shattered.  1006-9 a.m. tears.  1010 a.m. google search for “iPhone repair” performed.  1011 a.m. iRepairDoc.com located and studied.  1012 a.m. iRepairDoc technician is booked online.  1045 a.m. iRepairDoc technician arrives with a smile and a magic parts box.  1059 a.m. iPhone is good as new.  It really is that simple.

No matter what language you speak or accent you have, iRepairDoc has you covered.

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Mobile iPhone repair