Mobile iPhone Repair is here!

Mobile iPhone Repair …Yes, we come to you…yes we can fix that!

During my mobile iPhone repair experience, very few days go by wherein I am not asked “You come to me?! and then “Can you really fix that?” I’ll admit that I am mildly frustrated when asked the second question…until I pause for a moment to think about what Mobile iPhone repair really is. iPhone repair or iPad repair for that matter is often akin to surgery. Not because we iPhone technicians are surgeons but rather because of the emotional response that people have when they are contemplating having their device, which is so near and dear to them,…well repaired.

I need not dive deep into why these devices are so important as we all likely know. We run our lives on them, plain and simple. Combine that with the complexity of the device itself and there is good reason to pause. We at Shatter Buggy recognize just how important this endeavor is and one of the reasons we chose to be experts at iPhones and iPads only. We could repair hundreds of different brands and models and devices and be mediocre at best but we believe we are best at being experts on a more manageable number. This philosophy has worked well for us as demonstrated by our reviews. Shatter Buggy is in a word  fanatical about the customer experience. This means that each and every time Shatter Buggy is allowed to repair a device we apply expert knowledge and genuine care.

So whether you are having your screen repaired on you device or the battery replaced, know that Shatter Buggy is the place to find the experts that really do know your device and really can fix it.  Check us out on Facebook and see for yourself why Shatter Buggy is the most convenient repair solution on the planet.  Oh and we come to you too!

Experts that care, that is what Shatter Buggy is all about.