PopUp – iPhone

Not quite sure what you’ve got?

No problem. The surest way to identify your iPhone is to check the model number located on the back of your device.

ModelModel Number
iPhone 6s PlusA1634, A1687
iPhone 6sA1633, A1688
iPhone 6 PlusA1522, A1524
iPhone 6 A1549, A1586
iPhone 5sA1453, A1457, A1533
iPhone 5cA1456, A1507, A1529, A1537
iPhone 5A1428, A1429
iPhone 4sA1387
iPhone 4A1332, A1349

Apologies if you do not see your device listed above. Shatter Buggy is continually looking to expand our service offerings and will be adding more devices in the near future

Do you need Glass or Glass & LCD Repair?

Glass only is the most common replacement. You can verify this by turning your phone on and if you can still see the icons behind the cracked glass it is just the glass. If you turn on the phone on and the screen is scrambled watercolored, or has lines running through it behind the cracked glass you need Glass and LCD repair.