Repair – You can fix that?!

One of the most common comments I hear at repairs is something along the lines of “I had no idea iPhones/iPads could even be fixed until I found you guys. I thought I just had to buy a new one.” That’s exactly what Apple and the network giants want you to think!

Apple Store iPhone 6 Repair

After all the time and effort it takes to schedule an appointment at Apple’s Genius Bar, drive down there and endure the teenagers taking selfies on all the display iPhones, only to be told that it will cost $300 to fix your screen, it’s almost as if they would rather you bought a new device altogether. (That’s probably exactly what they want.)

apple store genius bar

Verizon/At&t/Sprint/T-mobile iPhone 6 Repair

iphone warranty

Alternatively, you can take your device to your carrier to get fixed. However, carriers do not fix devices on site. They ship your device out and you get a refurbished one back two weeks later, and who knows if it’s even your original device. All for the low price of ~$300. If you were lucky enough to plan ahead and buy insurance for your phone for a paltry $10 or so a month, guess what?! The deductible you pay is ~$200, still much more expensive than Shatter Buggy’s prices. When you choose Shatter Buggy to repair your device, you’re saving yourself loads time, effort and money.

Shatter Buggy iPhone 6 Repair

The fact of the matter is that iPhones/iPads are indeed very repairable. Our technicians have repair down to a science and are able to repair iPhones in ~15 minutes and iPads in ~45 minutes. On top of it all, we come to you! Save yourself the headache of dealing with those other guys and let Shatter Buggy come to you and fix your device in less than an hour at half the cost of those other guys.

ifixit iphone 6 repair

Our Repair Costs Half as Much as the ‘Other’ Guys

For example, if you break your iPhone 6, Shatter Buggy can be at your doorstep in 30 minutes, have your phone fixed with the highest quality OEM parts available in 15 minutes, and for only $149.99. Or, you can choose to schedule an appointment at Apple, which you may have to schedule days in advance to get a time that works for you. Then Apple states the repair can be completed same day, but may take up to five business days! All for the low cost of $299.00. Already you’re sacrificing too much time and double what you would pay with Shatter Buggy.

The $200 iPhone Myth

Some may think, “why don’t I just buy a new phone? it’s only $200.00 with a two year contract.” The $200 iPhone is a fallacy that a lot of people unfortunately fall for. I wrote a more extensive blog on this topic which you can read – here. The short of it is that you’re essentially financing the phone over 2 years with a $200 down payment. An iPhone 6 costs $649.99. With a contract you’re paying $200.00 up front and about $20 a month, every month, for two years, until the full amount of $649.99 is paid off. Not to mention within those two years you may break the device again and be back at square one, except you still have to pay off the broken device!

Shatter Buggy – The Quickest, Best and Cheapest iPhone Repair

Shatter Buggy is by fay the cheapest and most convenient way to repair your iPhone. We come to you, we use the best parts available, our expert technicians can complete the ugliest of repairs in less than an hour and we give a 6 month warranty with all of our work. You simply can’t go wrong when you choose Shatter Buggy to repair your iDevice. Feel free to call with any questions (303.900.3823) or book online today!


-Shatter Buggy, Denver

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