iPhone Repair

Shatter Buggy was created to provide the most convenient iPhone repair on the planet and that is just what we have done.  When you schedule your iPhone repair with Shatter Buggy utilizing our exclusive “Come to ME” service you get the ultimate iPhone repair experience.  To do this, simply select your device and  the issue then select “Book it”.  An Shatter Buggy technician will arrive and have your iDevice back in working order in minutes.  It really is that simple!  For additional information click here.

More about iPhone Service with Shatter Buggy:

The most common repair we perform at Shatter Buggy is the iPhone screen replacement.  This is followed by the iPhone LCD replacement.  On  some models, glass/digitizer can be separated from the LCD allowing us to repair one or the other.  The majority of the newer models have the glass and LCD combined.  We also replace batteries that do not hold a charge or charge at all.  If you are uncertain what issue you may have, please feel free to phone us at 612-399-9039 and we will help you to determine your needed service.  After all, customer centric is what we are all about…well, that and iPhones!

Shatter Buggy recommends that you “back up” your iDevice before your scheduled service.  This will help to ensure that data is not lost during service.  While it is rare to loose data (read:  almost never) it is a good idea perform a “back up” as many services result in the complete disassembly  of the device.  Also, in an effort to keep one of the shortest repair times in the industry we ask that you charge your iDevice before the service too.

If you are concerned about your privacy, fear not.   Shatter Buggy goes to great lengths to protect your private information.  We will never access or share your information with anyone…ever!