iPhone 5 Repair

Shatter Buggy has your iPhone 5 repair needs covered.  We all know it hurts to see your precious device tumble down the steps only to end up with a spider web of cracks.  There is virtually no one here at Shatter Buggy that has escaped that scenario.  The great news is that there is no one on the planet that offers more convenient iPhone 5 repair service.

Shatter Buggy respects your time therefore we utilize a state of the art scheduling system that sets an exact arrival time. When you go online to schedule your iPhone 5 repair at ShatterBuggy.com you will be provided all available time slots for that day as well as far into the future.  No “windows” for your repair either.. after all, YOU are the customer!

Shatter Buggy covers most of the common iPhone 5 repairs to include: front glass, LCD, Battery, Home Button, Sleep/Wake Button and more.  In addition Shatter Buggy  sells protective cases and screen savers.  Simply ask that your technician show you our selection.  We are proud to carry the OtterBox brand of protective gear.

Whether you are hiking in the mountains and drop you device on a boulder or leave your phone on top of your car, there really is no one who cares more about getting you back on your feet quickly with little fuss.

Shatter Buggy cares about your piece of mind too.  We offer a six month warranty on all repairs.  This warranty covers defective parts and labor (unfortunately not subsequent accidental damage) for a full six months.  We simply believe this is the right thing to do when dealing with a device so important to our customers.

If scheduling online does not work for you or you simply want to discuss your issues with an interested party fell free to call us directly at 303-900-3823.

Shatter Buggy, it really is that simple.