Running A Business…So Easy A Child Should Do it.

“Why Daddy?”

The great thing about starting your own business, apart from not knowing what you are doing, is well- not knowing what you are doing.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not equating “not knowing what you are dong” with being stupid or careless but rather free of the dogma that infects much of todays businesses.

I have two young boys that have yet to be subjected to that mind set…that dogma.  In fact, they likely influenced my decision to start a business without even knowing what a business is.  A common question around my house is “Why?”.  Sometimes it relates to bedtime or baths for which there is an easy and logical answer.  Other times the “Why?” means “Why not?”.  For instance, in my type “A” brain a picture should be drawn and colored within the lines but my my son may color everything else rather than what is inside the lines.  When I pause to think about this concept it is profound.  His imagination can run wild and create anything.  There are no constraints.

There are studies all around us that prove humans do extraordinary things simply because they did not know otherwise.  When I decided to quit my airline pilot profession to pursue creating a business I had no business education, no business experience, no real penchant for greatness but rather an unconstrained idea and the passion to bring it to life.

When you do not have a ideological framework or preconceived ideas you can simply do what you want.  With Shatter Buggy, first and foremost I wanted a business that operated in a way that I could be proud of.  I wanted to build a business that my family would be proud of too.  For me this translated into a phrase we use around here:  “Doing the right thing…always!”.  That single phrase is the basis of everything we do.  Do you want to know a secret?  It makes the often murky path of running a business crystal clear.  All I have to do is ask myself “Am I doing the right thing here by my customer?  Employee? (insert anyone here)”.  The details work themselves out.

It really is that simple.