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iPhone Repair in Crystal, MN—Service You Can Count On

The advancing technologies of today are essential to your life’s daily functioning – sure you can brush your teeth without using your iPhone, but you are dependent on it for many other essential parts of your life. You maintain important information, keep in-touch with your kids, keep your calendar, and answer time sensitive messages from your boss all on your iPhone. iPhones are an important part of daily life—and as such you need to know how to keep them operating efficiently. Easy, right? Just don’t drop it. Yet, even with care accidents still happen—you still spill your morning coffee on it, it still slips out of your purse, and your two year old still throws it across the room. You need help.

This is where Shatter Buggy comes in. We can help—fast. As many of our customers have already found, our technicians, specializing in iPhone repair, in Crystal are experts in all areas of iPhone repair. Many repairs are completed in a matter of minutes, but we excel in giving our customers high quality service and iPhone repair. Crystal has many different iPhone repair options from which to choose—but rest assured that you will receive the best service from Shatter Buggy. We will have your iPhone up and running in no time.

Why Choose Shatter Buggy?

Our customers stay with us for a number of reasons:

  • We have been developing our company brand and reputation in many cities nationwide using our knowledgeable and professional repair service technicians.
  • Because of the experience our technicians have received, not only can many repairs be completed in minutes, but same-day service is often available for your convenience.
  • We understand having a fully functioning iPhone is important to you and we will only service your phone with the repairs it needs and not waste your time trying to sell you on other unnecessary repairs.
  • Scheduling repairs is easy! Call us or schedule online and we come to you.
  • Price. We offer competitive prices because we know how important getting your iPhone up and running efficiently is to your life.

iPhones Are Tricky—Let an Experienced Technician Help!

Sometimes people see a damaged iPhone and believe it is beyond hope of repair. This, however, is often not the case. A cracked screen looks pretty bad—but honestly is not too tricky of a repair with the help of an expert. There are other technicians working for other iPhone repair shops in Crystal that might tell you to get a new phone—but this is often incorrect.

Let us take a look. Diagnosis is quick and we can let you know what the damage and repair entail. Usually it is simply a replaced screen or battery. Out technicians give expert advice and service—all of our services are backed with a 6-month warranty on repairs and we mean it. This is why we offer excellent customer service—because we back our work.

Preventative Measures—Protect your iPhone

Your iPhone cost you a lot of money. So putting in place preventative measures to assure its safety is important. Carrying your iPhone in your pocket with keys or other things breeds damage. Watch that you don’t drink the morning coffee while checking your phone for email—or having your iPhone around other areas of water as well. We have seen it all—toilets, sinks, and puddles. Aside from just keeping it in a safe place a good case is essential. The case’s purpose is to protect the iPhone from normal bumps and bruises (not to make it indestructible). Some do a much better job than others, however, and it is important to choose carefully what you dress your iPhone in. A bargain price for a thin piece of plastic will give you little protection from any falls. There are many good choices so choose carefully, and we recommend the OtterBox.

Shatter Buggy iPhone Repair in Crystal—We Can Help!

Give us a call. We make the process of fixing your phone go quick and easy. We will keep any data information confidential and we will never attempt to share it with others.

Phone: 612.399.9039

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