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dallas iPad repair

Is your iPad broken? Don’t Panic. Yes, it means no more Netflix binge, no more Candy Crush, no more posting photos of your pet armadillo, Zeke, on Facebook, or no more 20 minutes of sweet, sweet silence from your 5 year old on the way to Grandma’s. Ok, maybe panic just a little. Fear not though; Shatter Buggy can come right to you, right now, and fix your iPad like nothing ever happened. That’s right, we come right to wherever you are -home, office, or Grandma’s- and can have you back up and running in less than 45 minutes. Shatter Buggy already has the world’s best online reviews -a perfect 5 star average over 600 reviews to be exact- and now we are proud to offer our services in the Big D. Not just Dallas though. Plano, Richardson, Irvine, just about anywhere in the Dallas metro is covered.

Ok, you say, that is convenient, but why else choose Shatter Buggy?

* You get a six month parts and labor warranty
* Security: we fix it right in front of you, not behind some counter at a store, so security is a non-issue.
* Commitment to using only the highest quality parts.
* Our technicians are really, really nice. Ask for Scott, he’s from Australia and doesn’t even mind if you poke fun at his accent. If you don’t get Scott though, that’s okay, our other techs are happy to fake an Australian accent for you should you like.
* We also sell high quality accessories like Red Zombie tempered glass so you can pamper your iPad with the style and protection it deserves.

Click or call now and you can have a downright pleasant technician in one of our sporty little Smart Cars on the way to get you all squared away.

Phone: 469-518-1946

Hours of Operations
Monday -Friday 9:30 am -6:00 pm

11520 N. Central Expy #158
Dallas, TX 75243