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Apple iPhone Repair in Dallas, Texas!

If you are reading this, chances are you just broke your iPhone, and that stinks. The good news: From Richardson to Downtown to Frisco and all over the Metro, help can be on the way to get you back on your feet in a matter of minutes. That’s right -Shatter Buggy COMES RIGHT TO YOU! That’s nifty you say, but why else Shatter Buggy? Because, no one is more convenient, more professional, and more trusted. With over 600 reviews online and a perfect 5 star rating, no company can match our reputation. Plus, you get a six month warranty and we only use the highest quality parts. We are all cattle and no hat, if you will. Click or call now to send the calvary and your broken iPhone can soon be a distant memory. Heck, our Dallas crew is so nice, people might start breaking their screens on purpose just to get to have a friendly chat.

Why fix my iPhone at all?

Creating an iPhone has a huge impact on the environment -tens of thousands of gallons of water, earth scarring mining of rare earth metals, and a pile of toxic chemicals and materials that could end up in land fills. You can help eliminate these problems by keeping your trusty iPhone or Android device going. Plus, it saves a ton of money. Most repairs are less than a third of the cost of what a device sells for on the secondary market. On top of that, you don’t have to mess with transferring your data or being without your phone for a prolonged period.

Shatter Buggy -it really is that easy.

Phone: 469-518-1946

Hours of Operations
Monday -Friday 9:30 am -6:00 pm

11520 N. Central Expy #158
Dallas, TX 75243