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iPad repair Golden ValleyShatter Buggy iPad Repair in Golden Valley Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

The latest devices from Apple, particularly the iPad, are expensive but often essential investments. That being said, the return on investment is significant, as the iPad’s functionality allows you as the user to accomplish limitless tasks anywhere and everywhere. Unfortunately this means that a cracked screen or a faulty battery can wreak all that much more havoc on your life. Removing your device from the picture can slow you down considerably.

So begins the process of getting the repair done. There are countless repair shops that advertise their knowledge and expertise, but those who have actually visited them know that it is at times hit and miss as to their ability to perform the needed repair. The only thing more aggravating than breaking your iPad is driving for an hour only to be told by an “expert” that the damage is irreversible.

That exact problem is why Shatter Buggy was formed. Shatter Buggy is an innovative approach to repairing all things Apple. If your iPad needs a tune-up after an unfortunate encounter with the floor, the counter, or the toilet (it happens), then let Shatter Buggy share their expertise with you. Why choose us over the other guys? Let us explain.

Why Choose Shatter Buggy for iPad Repair in Golden Valley

    • First, we’re the best. Our experienced technicians can give you a fast, concise diagnosis that will let you know what the problem is and how it can be fixed, all within minutes!
    • Second, our prices are extremely competitive. You have already invested quite a bit when you purchased your device. We don’t see a need to charge you excessively just to get it back up and running.
    • Third, we come to you. And no, that’s not a typo. By either using either our online booking system, “Come to ME”, or simply giving us a call, you have the freedom and flexibility of stating when and where you want to meet. We find that repairs are most successful when done in our controlled environment, so our technician will meet you at the designated location, bring your device back to our facilities, perform the repair here, and contact you to return it, once again on your terms. Usually the repair takes less than 24 hours.
    • Fourth, we always include a six month warranty on all of our services and parts. If for whatever reason the repair isn’t up to your satisfaction, just let us know and we’ll be right back out to fix our mistake.

How Should I Prep my iPad?

In all honesty, there is nothing that is absolutely necessary for you to do except remembering to bring your device. As a suggestion, we do advise backing up to another device. This is a good practice to do even without the repair, but depending on the problem, we may need to completely disassemble your iPad, increasing the possible risk of losing data. As well, to speed up the process we suggest having your iPad fully charged. Once again this isn’t required, but will simply let us do our job faster.

If you are looking for iPad repair in Golden Valley, let Shatter Buggy show you exactly what the best in the business means. We have already wowed thousands of customers with our top-notch quality, our extreme mobility, and our outstanding dedication to minimizing the interference to your life. You are already dealing with the problems that come with a handicapped device. At Shatter Buggy, we want to make sure we’re part of the solution, not the headache. Give us a call and let us take it from there!

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