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iPhone Repair in Maple Grove, MN—Top-Notch Service and Excellent Quality Repairs

The iPhone is an amazing product. Apple really knew what they were doing when it was created, manufactured, and finally sold at its amazingly expensive price. Despite the dollar signs, the iPhone is extremely common because of its many abilities and functions. You know, you have one. You can’t go a day without it. This is why it is such a shame that iPhones are not extremely durable. A simple fall to the tiled kitchen floor, a spilled cup of morning coffee, a little too much love from your dog—and the damage is done. Some technicians will recommend getting a new iPhone, but that may not be necessary! If it can be fixed – we know you need repairs done quickly and correctly.

That is why at Shatter Buggy our customers have come to learn that we understand the importance of the repairs you need done on your phone. Maple Grove serves as the retail, cultural, and medical center of the northwest region of the Twin Cities metropolitan area, and as such, we understand that there are many people willing to take a look at your phone. However, if you want the top quality service and excellent quick repairs, then Shatter Buggy is the best iPhone repair team Maple Grove has for you. Our service technicians are knowledgeable, honest, and ready to help.

Choosing Shatter Buggy is Choosing the Best

Selecting your iPhone repair service provider can sometimes be daunting. Here is a list of reasons our customers keep coming back to Shatter Buggy:

  • We have put in the time to become a reputable and well-known iPhone repair company. Our reputation is solid and our service is excellent.
  • We understand the importance of getting you the repairs you need fast. This is why we try to schedule same-day service to complete your iPhone repairs quickly and in a timely manner.
  • We offer quality. Our service technicians are experienced and will only repair what your iPhone needs—we do not try to sell additional unnecessary repairs.
  • Scheduling a repair for your phone is easy. Call or schedule online and we come to you! No need to drive to a store, no waiting in long service lines. We schedule a time and place to meet and conduct the repairs there—at your convenience.
  • Our prices are competitive and your iPhone repairs will not break the bank.

Common iPhone Repairs Are More Common That You Think!

When you drop your iPhone and the screen cracks—it looks pretty hopeless. Yet a broken screen is one of the most common repairs our technicians do. Some repair places will take a look and give you the bad news that you need a new phone—this is not the case! Our technicians know better—they will come to you, quickly diagnose the repair, and fix your phone.

Sometimes you cannot see the damage that has been done on your phone, but you know it isn’t functioning properly. After a quick inspection, our technicians can usually tell what the damage is—whether it is a simply battery replacement or something more drastic.

All of our repairs are backed by a 6-month warranty guaranteeing our repairs and services. As such all of our technicians are dedicated to quality and ensuring that repairs are done right—the first time.

Shatter Buggy iPhone Repair in Maple Grove, MN—A Safe, Secure Option

At Shatter Buggy we hold our customer’s privacy to the utmost importance. All of your information and data we collect or see will be strictly confidential. Our only concern is getting your iPhone fixed! Call your iPhone repair team in Maple Grove today.

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