Minnesota iPad & iPhone Repair

Drop your iPhone or iPad in an icy mishap? Have no fear, Shatter Buggy is here to make it all better. From the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul and beyond, Shatter Buggy’s fearless experts are ready to brave the roads and bring you expert Samsung, iPad and iPhone repair at a moment’s notice.

If you have the misfortune of dropping your iPhone, iPad or Samsung device, you’ve only got a handful of options, make an appointment, drive across a town and pay hundreds of dollars at the Apple store to get it fixed, submit and insurance claim, or buy a brand new device. At least at Shatter Buggy, we don’t think any of those are great ideas.

Instead, we believe that you should have an affordable and easy alternative. Let us come to you, do all the work and leave you with a smile. The process is simple. Find your city in the list below, click on the picture of what you broke, tell us some more about the device (again, by clicking on pictures), tell us when and where to meet you and, voila! Expert iPad and iPhone repair at your door in Minneapolis or anywhere nearby!

Even better, you don’t have to pay until your device is fixed, and our friendly techs can handle all the payment right there with you. And just because we love all you up north (that and we’re really committed to what we do), all of our work is guaranteed with a 6 month warranty. We’ll stand behind every Samsung, iPad and iPhone repair we make 100%.

Don’t pay out the nose for to replace your device or wait weeks for an insurance claim. Book now and experience for yourself why Shatter Buggy is hands down the highest quality and most convenient iPad and iPhone mobile repair service in Minneapolis. Schedule online or call us at 612.399.9039 and schedule your repair today!