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ipad repair plymouth mn that comes to youShatter Buggy iPad Repair in Plymouth, MN—Better Company, Better Service, and Better Repairs

Apple’s iPad is an extremely diverse device. An iPad can be used for simple computing, email, and typing, all the way to video messaging, videos, and photography. As such, you take your iPad everywhere and use it with every task. It is no surprise, then, that the iPad often needs repairs. It was not made to be indestructible. When you don’t have it because of damage, your life is put on hold.

Selecting an iPad repair company in Plymouth can be confusing. There are different companies to choose from—many advertising the same services at different prices. You want the best service, most convenient access, and a reasonable price. This is why our customers, here at Shatter Buggy, stick with us. We are nationally known with an excellent reputation for stellar customer service, quick and professional repairs, and competitive rates. And the best part—we come to you.

Why is Shatter Buggy the iPad Repair Company for Me?

Here are a few reasons our customers are pleased with our service:

  • You matter. We understand how important your iPad is to you and how much you need it—now! That is why our technicians are expert listeners who try to understand the problem your device is having. We take our excellent customer service reputation very seriously.
  • Our repair technicians are experienced having done many repairs. They have seen all types of repairs and are knowledgeable in helping you understand what is going on.
  • We come to you. Yes—Shatter Buggy is that convenient. Our service technicians drive eco-friendly green cars to where you are.
  • We offer competitive pricing. Our technicians are ready to help you with repairs and not to sell—they will not try to upsell you on additional unnecessary repairs.

Protecting Your iPad—The Preventative Measures

Taking preventative measures to protect your iPad are essential to avoiding the famed cracked screen. Taking care as you use your iPad is helpful. For example, not using it around food, or balancing it on your leg to read, and making sure you don’t put it in a bag with sharp or other heavy objects. Of course keeping it away from little kids and your dog would help too. But aside from helpful lifestyle choices, a proper case is essential. There are many cases to choose from—colors, patterns, brands—all the choices make it hard to select the one that will be the best. Steer clear from the cheaper versions that are just thin plastic—for these will only give you minor protection. Trust us when we say to spend the few extra dollars and purchase a case with quality and heft. This will give you the best protection—and believe us when we say iPads need it. We have repaired quite a few.

iPad Damages are Scary—Ask a Technician

Often, damages to technology seem un-repairable. Yet with iPads many of the ugliest damages are simple repairs when done by a qualified technician—a battery replacement, a new screen, a quick re-start. Yet diagnosing these often takes a professional. Even some technicians at other companies would look at some damages and suggest purchasing a new iPad. This is where Shatter Buggy shines: our technicians are knowledgeable, have lots of experience with different types of damages, and know how to repair iPads. Before purchasing a new iPad, let one of our technicians have a look and let them give you their expert advice.

At Shatter Buggy we offer a 6 month warranty on all our services and repairs. We understand the money and important information that goes into your iPad and want you to be assured that your time is well spent with us. For your iPad repair needs in Plymouth, give us a call.

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