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iPhone Repair in Plymouth, MN—Shatter Buggy Brings Quality to You

You and your iPhone work together all day (and sometime nights) to get the job done—whatever it is. When your iPhone gets damaged—production stops. Or life stops. Whether it is a cracked screen or water damage, it needs special repair attention. iPhone damages are extremely common. It is the one downfall of Apple’s iPhone—it isn’t indestructible. Yet, despite the frequency of repairs we see with iPhones, most repairs are relatively simple. iPhone repair in Plymouth, MN can be done quickly and efficiently when you call Shatter Buggy.

Plymouth is a special city because it has everything. In 2008, Money Magazine named it the number one city to live in in the United States because you wouldn’t have to leave for anything! Residential, industry, parks, schools, and many other things make it a great city to live in. Shatter Buggy fits right in with the convenience of living in Plymouth—we come to you. You don’t have to leave your home, your job, or the park—just set up a time and place with us and we will meet you there to take care of your iPhone repair needs in Plymouth.

The Smarter Choice

Selecting an iPad repair company seems daunting—you want the best repair and service, but want to be able to afford it. Here are a few reasons why our customers keep coming back:

  • Shatter Buggy is reputable. Because we are nationally known, you can trust our name and brand over a small company who lacks credentials. We have efficient, friendly, and professional repair service.
  • We offer same-day repair appointments and out technicians are fast and effective at repairs.
  • We will not try to upsell you on extra repairs that you don’t need—we pride ourselves on honesty and excellent customer service—our technicians are here to help, not sell.
  • By using our “Come to ME” online service, scheduling a meet time for repairs is easy. You pick the place and time and we COME TO YOU! Scheduling can be done over the phone or online.
  • We understand that your iPhone is important to you and we want you to have the best service available. We provide that service at competitive rates, working with us won’t drain your wallet.

iPhone Repairs Are Not As Ugly As They Seem

If you haven’t shattered your iPhone screen yet, you likely know someone who has: it’s ugly. It looks like it can’t be fixed. It looks hopeless. Despite the cracked and spider-webbed screen—screens are a very common and quite simple fix—taking only minutes compared to some other repairs. Our experienced repair technicians are equipped to handle all the repairs your iPhone may need. They come not only with the tools to fix it, but the experience and knowledge to back it up.

Another alarming scene you may have with your iPhone is not having it function properly—but not being able to see anything wrong. Many may tell you to go and purchase a new phone—but this is often not necessary! This is where a technician is extremely handy. Our technicians run quick diagnostics to analyze the iPhone problem and in a matter of minutes are able to assist you in understanding the damage—whether great or small—and will give you their expert opinion.

Shatter Buggy offers a 6 month warranty on all of our repairs and service so you can rest assured that your money spent is working for you. Also, this shows that our technicians are focused on quality repairs rather than quantity—because our repairs are done right the first time. If you have iPhone repair needs in the Plymouth area—give Shatter Buggy a call.

Phone: 612.399.9039

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

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