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Shatter Buggy iPad Repair in Twin Cities

Most iPad repair shops are hard to find, take their time in getting your device fixed, and charge an arm and a leg to do it.  Most repair shops force you to stand in line only to be told that they’ll have to order the part or that they simply can’t do the repair.  Most will up-sell repairs, worrying more about their bottom-line than the impact on you as the customer.

That’s what prompted former commercial pilot Benjamin Head to rethink the idea of iDevice repair.  He began forming a company that was entirely customer-focused.  His ideas sprouted into a business model that recognizes the inconvenience already sustained by you as the user when your device breaks.  Rather than add to the headache you have already sustained, the company’s goals are to make the repair process as simply as possible.  Benjamin Head’s ideas have grown into the world-class repair service known as Shatter Buggy.

What Makes Shatter Buggy Great?

  • We’re experts.  Every technician we employ fully merits your utmost confidence.  They know your device inside and out, and can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem.  They’ll never try to sell you a replacement you don’t need.  The repair is about you as the customer, not us as the business.
  • We’re competitively priced.  An iPad is an expensive purchase, and an accidental screen crack can cause no small amount of hyperventilation.  In an effort to minimize the impact the repair has on your life, we also strive to minimize the impact on your wallet.
  • We’re mobile.  Our business model is all about you, our customer.  Why would we demand that you come to us, further inconveniencing you?  With our exclusive “Come to ME” service, you can schedule a time and a place for one of our technicians to meet you to retrieve your device.  The technician will then bring the device back to our controlled environment to ensure a quality repair.  When the repair is done, you will be contacted once again to schedule a drop off time, once again at your convenience.
  • We’re fast.  If you’re as dependent on your iPad as we are on ours, a week of waiting seems like an eternity.  That’s why we’ve streamlined our process, reducing the time without sacrificing quality.  Most repairs are completed within 24 hours of retrieving the device.
  • We’re trustworthy.  You can rest assured that during and after the repair, your information will remain completely safe.  By letting us repair your iPad, you place great trust in us.  We want to live up to it.
  • We’re dependable.  We try to the utmost to get everything right the first time.  But just in case, we back all of our services and parts with a six month warranty, ensuring that if anything does go wrong you have the assurance that we’ll be right back to fix it.

Extraordinary Service—What You Want

Thousands upon thousands of iPad users have already become fans of our extraordinary service.  We recognize that an iPad repair in Twin Cities is likely not the most desirable thing to need, regardless of the circumstances.  That’s why our business was designed from the ground up with the customer in mind, ensuring that each and every aspect of what we do is about finding solutions rather than creating problems.  If you are already going through the inconvenience of a broken iPad, you need someone who is on your side.  Our repair is about you, not about us.  Let us lend our vast expertise and experience towards getting you and your device back up to full speed.

Phone: 612.399.9039

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.