Should I Repair My iPhone 5S Myself?

Hey Shatter Buggy, should I repair my iPhone 5S myself?

(answer to come with flow chart)

Matt in Minneapolis here again to act as your sherpa through the iPhone 5S repair wilderness.

Often times a potential customer will view something online or talk with their nerdy IT cousin and think to themselves, “Sure, I can maybe, possibly repair my own Apple iPhone 5S.” In all honesty, what we do at Shatter Buggy takes skill and experience, but it isn’t brain surgery either. You could very well be able to do your own repair. That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

As my grandma used to say, “Bake the bread, buy the butter.”

Follow our handy flow chart below and I think you’ll see, when it comes to repairing an iPhone 5S, or as I like to call it the art of not further breaking a device worth more than my first car, it’s all butter, baby.

should i repair my iphone myself