Should I use iPhone insurance or pay for the repair myself?

The question of iPhone insurance comes up frequently.  Do I utilize my insurance coverage when I crack my screen?  It can be very tempting and intuitive to believe that your monthly $6.99 insurance premium alone will cover your iPhone damages should you inadvertently damage your iPhone.  While there are many coverages and scenarios, the most common plan with AT&T demonstrates that it makes little sense at all…especially when you consider a service like iRepairDoc.

AT&T charges you $6.99 per month for iPhone insurance and then another $199 deductable when you actually damage your iPhone.  If you happen to break your iPhone, in say month 18 of ownership, you are looking at over $125 in premiums plus the $199 deductable for a total of $324.  Compare that to our Glass/LDC repair that is around $120 total, you will quickly see where we make a great deal of economic sense.  When you factor in the convenience of our exclusive “Come to ME” service that brings the repair to you in one of our fuel efficient Smart Cars, then you have an absolute winner!