Things to do in Denver. Oh and just in case…

Things to do in Denver.

You might be wondering why a mobile device repair business cares about “Things to do in Denver“.  More likely you may wonder what “Things to do in Denver” has to do with Shatter Buggy.  Well I can tell you…we get many calls from people every day that are visiting our great City (or State fot that matter) that are in need of help with their broken device and have nowhere to turn.

Colorado has just about every kind of outdoor activity imaginable.  Denver is known for it’s nightlife as much as it’s proximity to world class skiing and snowboarding.   Then there are sports teams and associated watering holes.  From the Broncos to LODO, there is ample opportunity to damage your precious device when you most need it.  That is where Shatter Buggy comes in.

Denver Mountain Biking iPhone to the rescue!

Lets say you are spending the afternoon mountain biking Chautauqua Park and getting your single track fix when suddenly your iPhone goes flying into a boulder.  Not good.  You panic as you realize your life and plans are on that device (at least while in Colorado) and now you feel stranded.  Oh but wait, you heard of this place that will come directly to you and repair you phone on the spot.  Through the shards of glass you manage to go to and in minutes you have scheduled a repair that will take place at Starbucks at the base of Chautauqua Park in 30 minutes.  Your heart is racing…can it be true?  Will Shatter Buggy really meet me moments after I broke my precious iPhone and repair it at a Starbucks?

Racing towards the coffee shop you spot a tiny Smart Car in the distance.  You think you can make out the words on it’s hood…”Sha”?  Closer you get…”ShatterBuggy”!  The technician is really there and ready to perform delicate surgery on your ailing device.   Twenty minutes go by after meeting your smartly dressed and ridiculously intelligent device doctor and there it is…not a single finger print and good as new.

Shatter Buggy, it really is that simple.