iPad & iPhone Repair Service Areas

Shattered screens are the #1 cause of funny videos and photos not being shared on an iPhone*. Even a cracked screen can dramatically decrease the quality of your Netflix. Don’t fall victim to low quality House of Cards. There’s hope! We at Shatter Buggy believe in a world where media is freely viewed and shared across iPhones and iPads everywhere. Imagine being able to show your friends photos from your night out, a funny kitten video on YouTube, whatever. We made the repair process as simple as possible, virtually eliminating any excuse you can make for your broken screen.

Pick your favorite local coffee shop, we’ll meet you there. While you’re enjoying a cup of coffee, our experienced, certified nerd on-call will go to work on your iPhone or iPad, repairing it using the latest processes with the safest tools. When we’re finished, we’ll go over your completed phone with you, ensuring your satisfaction while also providing information on our 6 month warranty for our service. Payment is taken care of through our mobile payment portal, and handled onsite. You’re friendly technician will then leave you to admire his or her work on your renewed phone.

We are at the forefront of the fight against shattered screens. Shatter Buggy is the destination iPhone repair service area business that brings quality repairs and premium customer service to you! The locations we are currently servicing are Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. You may have seen our branded Smart Cars zipping around town servicing individuals like yourself. While you’re on the site, look around for testimonials, past client reviews, etc… When you’re ready, or if you need more information- give us a call! We’re more than happy to answer any questions or get an appointment scheduled for you!

*Not a scientific fact